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 -August 2020- 

Picturing the Fair is a balm to the soul in a year without the usual, in-person festivities. Eleven photographers bring alive this well over 159-year-old tradition—an annual gathering of teenagers, adults, families, Islanders, and visitors who play the midway games and take in the animals, produce, corn dogs, cotton candy, and other favorites. These artists capture the delight of this summer ritual, either in breathtaking detail while others offer us a wider view of familiar scenes. Some of the artists in the project, which began two years ago when the photographers were asked to see how they might approach it, were inspired to explore a different way of working while it helped others stretch the boundaries of their existing aesthetic.  “Picturing the Fair,” in capturing split moments in time, shares the very essence of the event—making it “virtually” real— and bringing us a new way to see it. In a year where we can’t meander the fairgrounds ourselves, the show is a delightful way to experience memories of what is to come.

Text by: Abby Remer

Picturing the Fair, August 1-30, 2020.





*For interest in purchasing artist's work please contact the artist directly.  20% of proceeds from artist's sales are donated to the West Tisbury Library Foundation.

-Picturing the Fair-

A Virtual Exhibition

 -Showcased Artists- 

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