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 -August 2020- 

Vincent Chahley photographed the bookends of the fair, sharing with us a world we don’t usually see. He says, “My photographs were taken either before or after the actual fair.  I love the anticipation before it opens.” Whether resting or working away to prepare it, we see a variety of glimpses behind the scenes. Chahley’s work stands apart in this sense from the rest of the photographers because, he explains, “I was able to talk to people bringing in their exhibits and learn some of the backstories and preparation. In many cases, multiple generations within the same family are entering and passing traditions down.” Chahley shares, “I am primarily a landscape photographer, so I am not sure my past experiences have contributed to my fair photos. What I love about this project is photographing something a little out of my element.” Regardless, Chahley offers us a rare opportunity to see what makes the magic of the fair possible.

Text by: Abby Remer 2020 


Vincent Chahley

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