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 -August 2020- 

Adrianne Ryan captures people—sometimes unawares and at other times head-on. Either way, her work’s immediacy transports us to different moments of the fair. Some are restful behind-the-scene images while in others she brings us out front and center into the hustle and bustle of the festivities. Ryan’s saturated colors imbue her art with an immediacy whether the scenes are quiet or full of noisy life.


Ryan shares, “My intention at the fair was to capture the contestants young and old who entered their prized vegetables, crafts, plants, and works of art to be judged by their peers. As they marched towards the drop-off table or patiently made last minute adjustments to their entries, I observed a mood of serious intent as well as playfulness and whimsy.”

Text by: Abby Remer 2020 


Sizes and pricing of photos available upon request.

Adrianne Ryan

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