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 -August 2020- 

L.A.Brown is all about the moment. Her photographs are single instants, glances in time. Many of her works are quiet such as those looking back at the fairgrounds caught in the early evening light or the exhausted child curled up in her carriage sharing the cramped space with four prized corn cobs. Brown says, “I feel my work is whimsical and poetic. I like to feel the stillness in a shot, let a moment really speak to the viewer without my taking them there with any inclusion of my personal description.”

Brown wants a sense that we were there, maybe even a secret moment we happened upon. It

is easy to imagine passing by the pen and looking down at the snuffling pigs who so coyly look

up at us or noticing the odd shadow the boy walking just ahead makes while bouncing his

American-flag decorated ball. Brown emphasizes, “I let the moments come to me and I do not make the moment.” And through her art, she shares these private, often intimate instants with us providing a very personal experience of the fair.

Text by: Abby Remer 2020

(508) 627-1977


L.A. Brown

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