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 -August 2020- 

Brooke Bartletta gives us split seconds of the fair whether moments of pure action or supreme

stillness. She says, “I take pictures on the move and am constantly looking for the next scene,

therefore, my work is akin to street photographers.” Bartletta’s use of black and white indeed recalls photojournalistic work. Interestingly, the fair project impacted the evolution of her art. She says, “I have always had a fascination with documentation, but it really wasn’t until I was asked to join this group that I explored that side of my photography. I am very grateful for that experience, as I have continued to study and broaden my catalogue of documentary work and, I believe, this is my authentic style and genre.  Much of it  is instinctual, emotional and raw.”

Text by: Abby Remer 2020

Please contact Brooke Bartletta for framing and matting options.  Larger sizes available upon request.  All prints made to order. A portion of sales will also benefit the Martha’sVineyard Agricultural Society.


Brooke Bartletta

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Photo credit:  Daniel Waters
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