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 -August 2020- 

Claire Ganz stops and looks where we might

simply have walked by. Her work varies from

unobserved moments to portraits that exude the person’s inner self. Being involved in

“Picturing the Fair” shifted Ganz from, as she says, “simply being a community cheerleader to

capturing a perspective that gives a sense of the teamwork, good-natured and fierce competition, and effort and joy the participants exude.”


Actually, Ganz was already involved with the fair as an insider long before this project. She says,

“I grew up working in the off season on my own entries—usually embroidered pillows,

vegetables, flowers, and baked goods, and looked forward all year to the contests.” More

recently, Ganz has helped to set up, hang, and take down the photography entries.


Like some of the other photographers, Ganz’s involvement influenced her art. She says, “My past

photography was focused on landscapes. Now, I am exploring how to capture moments when people are comfortable and naturally being themselves whatever they are doing. I hope these photos express my appreciation for each person pictured.”

Text by: Abby Remer 2020

Sizes and pricing of photos available upon request.




Claire Ganz

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