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In the Bogs No.2
In the Bogs No.2

Wenonah Madison 8x10 Oil on Wood Panel

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Nashaquitsa Waterworks
Nashaquitsa Waterworks

Dale Julier 11x14 Oil painting $375

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_In the Bogs 1_   8x10   Oil on Wood Pan
Geese At Carl's Cove   14x12   Woodcut
_Swamp Rose Mallows_   12x9   Oil on Boa
_Sundown (Crystal Lake)_   8x10   Oil on
_Flanders Field No. 1_   16.25x16.5   Oi
_Polly's Playpen_   20X24   Oil on Canva
_Spring NYC_   9x12   Oil painting   NFS
_Pre-Existing Non-Conforming_   9x12   O




  Liz Taft.