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-October 2020-

Judith Drew Schubert

I believe being an artist is something you are born as. The translation of the world calls to an artist for expression; our choice is whether and when to except the call. I gave into the call when it can time to pick a major for college. The fact that a “career” in the arts posed little prospect for financial success made the decision hard to swallow but once I did there was great relief. 


Reflecting back through my childhood I have countless examples that predicted my life’s work. One such example is, as a child, staying in my uncle Allen’s turn of the century farm house in Vermont, I would spend the morning hours, before the rest of the house awoke, enjoying gazing at the antique wallpaper and deciphering its repeat and pondering the pattern and the overall rhythm it created. Today in my painting of the Vineyard land or seascapes, it is the design and rhythm that captures my enthusiasm. My use of lights and darks, the pull and push of warm and cool hues as well as invisible or strongly defined brush strokes are my preferred tools. The end result I strive for is a painting that engages the viewer with design & rhythm, regardless of the subject matter - evoking within the viewer a feeling of love for something forgotten or simply unnamed.


 A graduate with a BFA in textile design from Syracuse Universe, I worked for Waverly Fabrics in the mid ‘80 before moving to the Vineyard to follow my desire for salt air and love of rural places. The design and sales of kitchen cabinets kept me afloat while I started Periwinkle Studio, my hand block print clothing line that I operated for 22 years. In addition to kitchen design I was a house cleaner and had the great fortune to reside as a farmhand on the Allen Farm in Chilmark for 6 years. 


I ended my hand printed clothing in ‘02 after 9/1 because of the economic downturn, which hit the US textile industry hard. Casting about for several years I eventually dove into the study I had been exploring for decades: landscape painting. Studies with Rez Williams, Marjorie Mason and Ellen McKusky led the way. My most recent plein air workshops have been with John Traynor here on MV and at his home in Swanzey, NH. I still love salt air, and the open vistas of rural farms and paint them, including their inhabitants, as much as possible. So there is a quick sketch of my life’s path as an artist so far. 


You can find me at or make an appointment to visit my studio in the Oak Bluffs Arts District

by calling 508-494-2433







*For interest in purchasing the artist's work please contact them directly*

  Liz Taft. 

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