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-October 2020-

Katy Upson

Eight friends, four seasons, one show. What does this suggest?      a process, compromise and making things work.  My paintings evolve in much the same way.  People and Place make a difference.  Color and imagery come together responding to situations and change.


Liz Taft and Featherstone are the glue that keeps me moving ahead and for that encouragement I am grateful.  Last spring three of us travelled to New Hampshire to study with John Turner, and several of us have participated with Lizzy Schule and featured artists visiting Featherstone.


I like painting outside with my friends. Landscapes, barns, fields and the ocean are themes I am drawn to.  When winter sets in, I turn to Featherstone and paint still life, small pieces, usually completed in an afternoon. The quiet solitude of winter, the dark shadows and moodiness, has it’s own inspiration and beauty.


From time to time my work can be seen at Featherstone, Felix Neck, Polly Hill Arboretum, Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club and Old Sculpin Gallery.

-Katy Upson

*please contact the artist directly for any interest in purchasing*

Katy Upson Portrait

  Liz Taft. 

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