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 -JUly 2020- 

"I have a lifelong fascination with nature and art and music.  My grandfather was an artist and he encouraged and inspired my artistic endeavors at an early age. Some of my earliest designs include geometric elements, a theme that still permeates much of my artwork. All of these designs began their life as thoughts that bubbled up in my mind and inspired me to bring them to life on paper. Sometimes the seed of an idea sprouts in the middle of the night or while I am away from home on a train, in the garden, hiking in the mountains, or  diving in the ocean. I find any piece of scrap paper and writing implement I can and capture that seed idea before it’s gone. From these rough sketches I begin to coax out the images and breathe life into them. Most of these pieces represent well over one hundred hours of time spent in their creation.

My ideas come to life in different ways, some on paper with pen and ink, charcoal, or pencil, some in paint with acrylic, oil, or watercolor. Other times they manifest themselves in wood as a guitar or with glass as a stained glass window or kaleidoscope. I like working with different mediums to bring into art form these sacred geometric patterns. In my creations I hope to honor in an abstract way, the beautiful elements found in nature. There is always a different perspective if we spend enough time meditating and paying attention to the wonders around us, I like to think my art emanates this theme. 

I hope you enjoy the designs I have brought here."


                                      -Rob J. Chaunce

*For interest in purchasing artist's work please contact the artist directly.*

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-Robert J. Chaunce-

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