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Dale  Weymouth Julier

Island  Women's Views

Dale Weymouth Julier

Office 508-696-8076

Mobile 508-274-3900

"I love a newly opened tube of paint, the smell, the richness of oil and pigment and the anticipation generated toward creation of a new painting. I similarly love farmer’s markets and vegetable stands; the aromas emanating from freshly picked produce, the rich variety of colors and textures, and the menus formulating in my head as I select what to buy. This group of paintings reflects my joy in the subject for this show. I am grateful for this remarkable group of talented, like-minded island souls who give me the opportunity to share my gifts with them and theirs with me and, finally, you – life affirming. " 


- Dale Weymouth Julier

Montecito Farmer’s Market_Dale Julier.jpg

Farmstand  Rural Central Turkey

Mermaid Farm Old Farm Stand_ Dale Julier.jpg

Mermaid Farm 
Old Farm Stand


Aix-en-Provence weekly market day_Dale Julier.jpg

Farmer's Market


Farmstand Rural Central Turkey_Dale Julier.jpg

Weekly Market Day


Please contact the artist directly for all sales inquiry

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