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Table  for Two:

The Cafe Series


The idea for this show arose in the most appropriate of places:  a café!  Not just one, but many, each more charming and welcoming than the last.  Most of the artworks that are in the show were inspired during  trips taken in the Before Time.  The last time I traveled, I was determined to have sketching in cafes a regular occurrence.  It was a great idea, and one that I found I could do, even if it was just to catch a small aspect of a much wider view.


There are four artists involved in this show.   We have all traveled together internationally at different times, and enjoyed our times in cafes!  From the Vineyard we have myself, Valentine Estabrook and Sandy Bernat.  Joining us from Boulder, CO., is Trupti Mannina.


When out in the world exploring a new place, what a pleasure to find a quiet place to relax and feel grateful!  After this year of cooking and eating at home, who does not want to meet a friend for lunch in a lovely setting?




Sorrento Street Café

2021 18x24 oil, gallery wrap, $775


La Cremerie

2021, 14x18, oil on canvas panel, unframed, $550 SOLD


Lunch on the Island of Spetses

2016, 9x12, oil, framed, $275 SOLD

Sophia's Hideaway.jpg
Sunday in Crete.jpg

Sunday Afternoon in Crete

2017 9x12 oil, framed, $275 SOLD

Long shadows in Crete.jpg

Long Shadows In Crete

2016, 9x12, oil, framed $275

Summer Table.jpg

Summer Table

2020, 9x12, oil, framed, $325

Sophia's Hideaway

2020, 14x18 oil, framed, $650

Corinthian Seaside.jpg

Corinthian Seaside

2021, 12x16, acrylic on canvas panel

$375, Unframed

Kanta is a yoga and chi kung teacher, continuing to teach on zoom through this time of quarantine.  Being able to focus on her painting  has been  truly a blessing  and a delight during the months of staying at home.


Kanta is a member of the local plein air group, “Aire MV”,  showing in August at the Old Sculpin Gallery.  She has shown at Featherstone Center for the Arts,  the MV Playhouse and her “Trees of West Tisbury” show was well received in 2019 at the West Tisbury Library.


Her mindfulness training has helped her engage with the natural world as she paints it.  Watching the shadows shift and the colors change is an immediate teaching of the transitory nature of all things.  This allows her to appreciate and be grateful for the beautiful world we inhabit.

Kanta's work can be seen in person at the new gallery

"Tending Joy" in West Tisbury, 697 State Road

Set of .jpg
Sandy Bernat.jpg

As a wet fiber artist, a hand papermaker, I converse intimately with nature in the act of pulling sheets of paper. There is poetry in the making of paper. I process and manipulate plant fibers to create designs, imagery, or sculptural art –working to control the flow of wet fiber, coaxing the final result as I intend it to be. Yet there are surprises, lessons in humility. Fiber has memory of its origins—the way it grew, the inherent quality of its being. I work to understand the properties of fibers by the very act of preparing the materials–beating some for longer periods, drying some with and without restraint, observing and learning how different plant fibers behave. This practice and awareness informs my art making.

I am interested in how paper communicates. I create artist books, sculptural forms and pulp paintings where paper itself becomes a visual element conveying meaning; where the tactile qualities of the fiber embody strength; and where the visual imagery is pulp generated. It is the versatility of this seemingly fragile pulp medium which astounds as it is pigmented, molded and shaped, poured, sprayed, or stretched. I feel a spiritual attraction to paper itself, for it strikes a delicate balance between strength and fragility, purpose and beauty.

Seastone Papers
P.O. Box 331
West Tisbury, MA 02575

(508) 693-5786​

Sandy Bernat is a wet fiber artist. She has been a hand papermaker for over 30 years. Founder and proprietor of Seastone Papers, a teaching studio exploring pulp fiber in art, she and guest artists have offered classes in hand papermaking, surface design, and book arts since 1988. Sandy has traveled extensively in Myanmar, China, and Tibet researching paper history and hand production techniques.

Set the Mood


Set of four sculptural, illuminated, handmade paper containers embedded with botanicals sitting on a sculpted, handmade paper tray. 

Created 2020 

Tray: 16” x 14” ; bowls 4’ x 4’   $780

Set the Mood.jpg
Wine Goblet.jpg

A Cup of Wine


Sculptural handmade paper including local grapevine fibers.

8” x 3.5”     $175

My Red Purse


Sculptural, pigmented, handmade paper with handblown glass embedded in the lip.

8” x 7”      $500

Red Purse.jpg
Parisian Cafe Artist.jpg

Parisian Cafe Artist


Handsewn journal/sketch book with handmade paper, Fabriano watercolor paper, and fine laid line text paper. Front cover photo double printed and woven on handmade paper.  Created 2021


8.5” x 6.5”  60 double sided pages




Sculptural, illuminated, handmade paper container embedded with seaweed Created 2020


6” x 6”    $140

Set of .jpg

A Romantic Evening


Set of four sculptural, illuminated, handmade paper containers embedded with Japanese maple leaves.  Created 2020 


4” x 4” $95 each


Trupti Mannina is a San Francisco Bay Area contemporary artist whose work captures the essence of her subjects from a completely unique and bold point of view. Her work is currently held in several private collections throughout the United States.



These paintings are a conglomeration of things seen on my travels through Europe in 2019 (in the nick of the “before times”) and European cafes found online.


The things that impressed me the most from my t ravels were from small moments. A low - fi show we stumbled into in Sorrento, Italy, featuring photos of the gorgeous, soupa sexy Sophia Loren, laundry hanging on a clothesline, insanely exquisitely carved statues, a brilliant meal. It’s the rhythm of the pl ace that I remember the most.


I hope you enjoy some travel moments through the art until we can once again move freely.



16 ½” x 22”, acrylic on paper

Not for sale at this time.



20”x20”, oil on canvas $325 SOLD



 16”x20” oil on canvas $325


Photo in Studio_Valentine.jpeg

I had my first art lesson in a studio at age 11.  My dad signed me up at the Art Institute of Chicago.  It was a life class.  My art studies continued through the years with stops at the Kansas City Institute of Art and the New York Art Students League. Only in the last eight or so years have I concentrated solely on art working with oils, acrylics and varied forms of functional art.  One thing is clear...full time dedication to art has made me a far more accomplished artist and fulfilled individual.  Best of all, my work sells!



Aquinnah is Waiting

10x10, Soft Body Acrylic on Wood Panel 2021  $350

Aquinnah is Waiting_10x10_Soft Body Acry
Amsterdam is Waiting_8x8_Soft Body Acryl

Amsterdam is Waiting

8x8, Soft Body Acrylic on Wood, 2021, $250

Paris is Waiting


Soft Body Acrylic on Wood Panel,

18x24, 2021, $850

Paris is Waiting_Soft Body Acrylic on Wo
Arezzo is Waiting_Soft Body Acrylic on W

Arezzo is Waiting


Soft Body Acrylic on Wood Panel

18x24, 2021, $850


April 2021

April 2021

  Liz Taft. 

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