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February 2021

Valentine Estabrook

Valentine, an island artist, teaches a series of art classes, virtually via Zoom, from her studio in West Tisbury.  She says "In May we began with the basics: composition, drawing, lights and darks. We learned that shadow and light tell us the time of day and the direction of the sunlight. These variations bring weight to our painting, a theme familiar to all but presented within the artist’s vision.  Each class is different in scope.  Through several classes we’ve worked with pastels, acrylic paints and charcoal sticks and pencils.  Each medium offers new opportunities in expression.

Children are fearless."  Valentine was raised to believe that every child is born with an artistic instinct.  "It is a part, in varying degrees, of our nature…a beautiful artistic sense to tap and hold forever."


With a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, and a minor in Art, from Northwestern University she has displayed a multi-faceted approach to creative practice.  She went on to study at the Kansas City Institute of Art and the Chicago Art Institute as well.  While her career path once led her to a position in News and Documentary Film at NBC, and PBS, she has most recently been concentrating her focus on working  with oils, acrylics, and varied forms of functional art.

Valentine is a member of the local Plain Air group AIRE MV, with her work featured in Martha's Vineyard's own Old Sculpin Gallery and many galleries off the island as well.  She has worked in conjunction with Featherstone Center for the Arts, the Vineyard Conservation Society Art Auction,  and the MV Artisan's Fair for selected exhibitions among a number of other exhibitions on the mainland.  She is also a member of the New York Art Student's League and of the BBBS (Big Brothers Big Sisters) Community outreach program.


She creates out of her West Tisbury studio, Gallery Gallery, and has made a commitment to pursuing her art practice as a full-time career.

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Students are given a prompt, an example of an image to replicate, and asked to apply the techniques or concepts they have learned through the West Tisbury Library virtual art class in order to replicate that shared image.  The following galleries display a compilation of student creations based on those examples.

Water Lillies :Photo Demo
Winter Mountain Scene:Pastel:Val's Demo.

-Waterlily Series-

-Winter Mountain Series-

Unicorns:Photo Demo.jpg

-Unicorn Series-