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Judith  Drew Schubert

Island  Women's Views

Judith Drew Schubert

"Once when I was visiting the Barns Collection in Philadelphia PA, I came across a quote from an artist who’s sentiment sums up how I see my life as an artist:


“My task is to paint the best paintings that I can”


I am in awe at the beauty of nature and I am amerced in it living here on Martha’s Vineyard. So this is the subject I use to carry out my task and paint the best paintings that I can."

Judi Schubert_Snowy Hay Field.jpg

Snowy Hay Field 
16" x 6"
Oil on Wood Board

Judi Schubert_Tisbury Great Pond Evening.jpg

Tisbury Great Pond Evening

24" x 14"
Oil on Wood Board

Approaching Dusk.jpg

Approaching Dusk

18" x 12"
Oil on Wood Board

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