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December 2020

Through A Lens lll

This month's exhibition clearly depicts the grand wealth in talent our beloved community harbors.  It displays the support this island offers for creative expression cultivated through the advent of collective experience.  Something here gives me pause when I venture "off the rock"- a deep appreciation and a longing for the familiarity of this shire.  But it's not just a destination that makes this island our home, it's the people here, the characters, the artists, the farmers, the fisherman, the legends...


Through A Lens III gives us all the opportunity to experience  a different perspective for a moment and with it the gift of distraction it offers.  In times of major conflict and upheaval it seems all the more important that we lean on the steady pillars of creative arts just as they did in the Renaissance, and the Age of Enlightenment, emerging from the bleakness of the Middle-Ages. 


Our community has come together to present our gifts to you,  may the artwork shared bring joy to the hearts of many.

- Lauraye White   December 2020

New Art on Lobsterville Road
The Pheonix
What the World Needs Now

Thomas Green

Trees in Snow
Webs at Beach

L.A. Brown

Berries in the Fall
Lillies of the Valley
The Violinist

Brenda Watson

The Grass is Greener...
Waiting for Summer

"Lilies on the Vineyard" 12"x14" $75

Unframed premium glossy

"The Violinist" 10"x10" $375

Unframed premium archival matte

"Berries in the Fall" 12"x18" $200

Unframed premium glossy

8x12 limited prints are $75 
Framed $150

Rachel Schwartz

Autumn glory of Acer palmatum
Rain drops at dawn on Lespedeza thunbergii
Woodland Misty Morning Sun Rays
Riding the Storm
Soul of the Sea

Claire Ganz

Lynne Powell White

Vineyard Reflections_Porter, Dena.jpg

Dena Porter

13"x19" $175 Each

Epson premium photo paper

Path to Beach
Reflections of Autumn
Zig Zag Fence

Peter Troost

Beach Rose
My Lily
Yellow Blossom

Glenn Ickler

5 x 7 - $20 each

8.5 x 11 - $50 each

Lucy Vincent.  Autumnal Light_Hearn, Lau

Laura Hearn

Afternoon in Edgartown
Yellow Chair

Patti McCracken

Elizabeth Langer

Mother Love - Josiah Sachem Way
Thank you R.B.G
We Are One

Unframed prints

11" x 14"   $75

Town Beach View
On East Chop
Early Morning by Crystal Lake

Ronald Zentner

The Lane
The Harbor
Beach Night
High Summer
Mufasa 2005-2020

Helene Barr

Thomas Rothe

Evening In Budapest
Light Sailing
Seaside Portal

8" x 12"  $15 each

photo paper

Eel pond escape_Davis, Ann.jpg

Ann Davis

The Catches End
Nonsuch 210
Blue America

Pierce Kirby

No.1 Untitled
No.2 Untitled
No.3 Untitled

Deborah Nall

Gaggle of Werthwein
Electric Blue Fulling Mill Brook

Franny Werthwein

Child's Farm WT
Painting Can
Summer Window

Joanne Rau

No.1 Untitled
No. 2 Untitled
No.3 Untitled

Martina Mastromonaco

Links and Foam

J.J. Oldershaw

Katama Catch
Early Katama
Morning Glory Fall

Deborah Stewart

A Different Desire_McAuliffe,

Michael McAuliffe

Larry Glick

Sunset with a Splash
Sunset from a Menemsha Fishing Shack
Family Portrait - Cows at Keith Farm
Down at the Brick Yard
The Last Bit of Island Light
Menemsha Silhouette

Heather Mangione

Slough Cove Sunset
Harbor Reflections
Bluefish in the Waves

John Piekos

On the Farm

Karen Morganbesser

Crocus, Essence of Childhood
Precious Series, No. 1
Nature's Child Series No.2

Melissa Knowles

Sunrise on the Lagoon
Nearing sunset on the Sengekontacket
Sunrise in Oak Bluffs

Gerry Moriarty

Goldenrod at Gay Head
Clouds Over Edgartown Light

Sue Martone

No.2 Untitled
No.1 Untitled
No.3 Untitled

Jami Rubens

Mv Gas Shortage
Quansoo Winter
South Beach at Night

Ken Goldberg

Chilmark Pottery
Ad Infinitum
Black Beauty

Max Skjöldebrand


series of 50 prints

photo paper pro premium matte

10.4" x 15.5"  on  13" x 19"  $100

Birds of Paradise
Chappy in April
Boys, Books, Beach

Wendy Palmer


12" x 15"   $40

Arthur Marx

Bike Path by Happ's Farm Rd._Marx, Arthu
Great Rock Bight

Marilyn Miller

Siskind Homage

David Murphy

Summer Fun West Chop
Baiting the Line
Albert's Pond Reflection

Paul Doherty

limited edition 

set of 10 prints per image

17" x 12.5"  unframed  $ 125

                           framed  $ 250

Pamela Rendek